We all want to make a difference – in our team, our organisation, our country, in Europe. The outbreak and spread of coronavirus has taught us that alone we cannot tackle the most pressing challenges, as the world we live in has become more interconnected. We need to innovate and scale solutions that will shape the future of Europe for years to come. We find ourselves in a new era, in the era of collaboration. This will require extraordinary efforts, leadership and coordination across the sectors but also space for meaningful conversation.

This year’s C Summit invites you to join online to think tomorrow today. This is the first and ultimate European Corporate Philanthropy and Social Investing Summit that gathers corporate social investors and philanthropists of all types. We will also share latest research on the corporate philanthropy and social investment sectors in Europe that will boost your learning experience.

But it’s certainly not the only thing, which makes C Summit special. You’ll get access to video lessons, interviews and research material, which you could use over the course of a year. And most importantly, C Summit offers you a place where you will engage with a community of fellow corporate foundations, social investors and acceleration funds who are learning alongside you – for more impact, for better societies, for better tomorrow. It is a safe space where you can meet your peers, share your experience and discuss issues you feel passionate about.

The first C Summit took place in 2019 kindly hosted by BMW Foundation in Munich with 160 representatives of corporate and philanthropic sectors from 24 countries. Take a look at the official aftermovie here.

Based on this success, we are happy to continue this conversation and invite you to join this year’s C Summit in the Netherlands or online to share knowledge, empower and inspire.

Let’s usher in the new era of collaboration together!



  • Corporate Social Investors and grant-makers, such as corporate foundations, impact funds, accelerators, CSR department;
  • Corporate managers and CEOs, keen on exploring the opportunities of strategic alignment with a CSI / foundation;
  • Academics and Consultants interested in the topic or working with CSIs/corporate foundations.

This event is organised jointly by DAFNE and EVPA.



EVPA is a membership association made up of organisations interested in or practising venture philanthropy and social investment across Europe. Established in 2004, the association aims to be the home of investors for impact committed to using venture philanthropy and social investment tools to target social impact.

Part of EVPA is also the Corporate Initiative, a sub-community of more than 60 corporate foundations, social impact funds, accelerators and other socially-driven corporate entities in search of the most effective ways to maximise their societal impact through joint-learning across Europe.




We bring together 30 national associations from 28 countries across Europe, representing over 10.000 public-benefit foundations, big and small, who want to make a difference in society. We have created an alliance for collaboration across philanthropy networks in Europe to address big philanthropy questions of our time in a coordinated and effective manner. We lead, strengthen and build the field for the common good in Europe. We believe that an independent and courageous philanthropic sector can be a catalyst for a just and equitable society, where all can participate and prosper and have a voice, from the most marginalised to the most privileged. Philanthropy is vital for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable Europe. We are involved in four key areas: advocacy, peer exchange, communications and research that are needs-based and future-oriented. We value ideas over hierarchy and believe in a truly collaborative approach. Creativity, innovation, transparency, inclusivity and cross-border solidarity define who we are and how we work.