What is the C Summit?

The C Summit is the first and ultimate European Corporate Philanthropy and Social Investing Summit that gathers corporate social investors (CSIs, e.g. corporate foundations, impact funds, social businesses), corporate managers and CEOs keen on exploring the unique opportunities of corporate social investing, as well as academics and consultants interested in the topic or working with CSIs.

Accelerating climate change and increasing social inequalities, which have been further spurred by the global pandemic, urgently require us to mobilise more resources for societal impact. While the private sector has a vast amount of resources and expertise which could play a vital role in developing long-lasting and sustainable solutions, the move towards impact-driven societal solutions and systemic change remains insufficient. The public discourse on stakeholder capitalism is certainly on the rise, but it is far from becoming a reality. 

Corporate philanthropy and corporate social investors (CSIs, e.g. corporate foundations, impact funds, social businesses) take up a unique position at the intersection of the non-profit and for-profit worlds. By nature, they are linked to a corporation, while pursuing a social mission to deliver positive impact on civil society. This unique positioning of CSIs sets them apart from other investors for impact that have no formal relationship to profit seeking entities. 

These contrary views lead to the question of whether corporate resources can be mobilised while keeping their impact integrity. This question is all the more accurate when CSIs are confronted with the question of whether or not they should align with their related company and, if so, to what degree: does it help or complicate safeguarding their impact integrity?  

During and prior to the pandemic, corporate social investors, together with other investors for impact, have applied innovative approaches and partnership strategies that have the potential to transform the way in which deeply rooted problems are tackled. More awareness and support for peer-to-peer learning on effective collaboration and systemic solutions are needed to achieve a societal recovery and transformation.


Join the conversation

  • What is the unique and vital role of corporate social investors in driving societal impact and how can corporate resources be mobilised while keeping their impact integrity? 
  • How can CSIs progressively adopt a systemic approach integrating relevant stakeholders and developing effective collaboration through partnerships? 
  • Discover remarkable examples of collaboration and system change practices from our members at the COLAB Award!


4 Reasons to attend this C Summit 2021:

Meet your peers in person again after numerous online events
Learn from seasoned practitioners about the latest trends in Corporate Social Investing in Europe, the key role of the private sector post pandemic and the most innovative solutions deployed through a collaboration and systemic change approach to achieve societal recovery and transformation
Hear about the latest insights from EVPA’s research on impact integrity
Get inspired and engage in lively discussions with a mix of keynotes, interactive plenary sessions and dedicated networking opportunities

The C Summit 2021 is part of EVPA’s Impact Month, which will focus on investing for impact as a driving force for societal recovery and transformation.



EVPA is a membership association made up of organisations interested in or practising venture philanthropy and social investment across Europe. Established in 2004, the association aims to be the home of investors for impact committed to using venture philanthropy and social investment tools to target social impact.

Part of EVPA is also the Corporate Initiative, a sub-community of more than 60 corporate foundations, social impact funds, accelerators and other socially-driven corporate entities in search of the most effective ways to maximise their societal impact through joint-learning across Europe.



As a leading platform for philanthropy in Europe, the EFC works to strengthen the sector and make the case for institutional philanthropy* as a formidable means of effecting change. We believe institutional philanthropy has a unique, crucial and timely role to play in meeting the critical challenges societies face. More people and causes benefit from institutional philanthropy than ever before, from eradicating deadly diseases and making the world’s populations healthier to combating climate change and fighting for global human rights and equality. Working closely with our members, a dynamic network of strategically-minded philanthropic organisations from more than 30 countries, we:

  • Foster peer-learning by surfacing the expertise and experience embedded in the sector
  • Enhance collaboration by connecting people for inspiration and joint action
  • Represent philanthropy for favourable policy and regulatory environments
  • Build a solid evidence base through knowledge and intelligence
  • Raise the visibility of philanthropy’s value and impact




We bring together 30 national associations from 28 countries across Europe, representing over 10.000 public-benefit foundations, big and small, who want to make a difference in society. We have created an alliance for collaboration across philanthropy networks in Europe to address big philanthropy questions of our time in a coordinated and effective manner. We lead, strengthen and build the field for the common good in Europe. We believe that an independent and courageous philanthropic sector can be a catalyst for a just and equitable society, where all can participate and prosper and have a voice, from the most marginalised to the most privileged. Philanthropy is vital for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable Europe. We are involved in four key areas: advocacy, peer exchange, communications and research that are needs-based and future-oriented. We value ideas over hierarchy and believe in a truly collaborative approach. Creativity, innovation, transparency, inclusivity and cross-border solidarity define who we are and how we work.