C Summit special edition digital magazine

The C Summit special edition digital magazine, in partnership with Pioneers Post, brings together coverage from the C Summit 2020 plus some exclusive additional content. This multimedia publication features key insights and interviews with thought leaders on the latest corporate philanthropy and social investing trends, and will enable you to reflect on main takeaways for a new era […]

Out for shared impact

By Kirsten Ottens – founder of the ING Netherlands foundation We all know by now that collaboration is necessary to tackle complex social issues. But what are the ingredients for a fruitful collaboration between a company, its social vehicles and its employees? The answer could be a national private-public, cross-sector collaboration. And a company with […]

Exclusive interview: ‘Let’s shoot for the stars, then we’ll find the resources to get there’ – EVPA boss Roberta Bosurgi

This year collaboration has been more vital than ever – but that doesn’t mean it happens easily, something Roberta Bosurgi knows first-hand. As the new head of EVPA, which since 2004 has been building a community of venture philanthropists and social investors, she’s now tasked with convincing others to overcome their “ego” and do the […]

ImpactCity becomes a partner of the C Summit

The Hague is known as the international city of peace and justice and the city for entrepreneurs who work on innovations to build a better world. As ImpactCity, The Hague actively works on connecting impact makers within the national and international ecosystem to drive innovations for a better world. The collaboration between the EVPA and […]

Scale – A buzz word or simply “a must”?

by Annette Jung, Capital – Head of DACH, BNL & Africa, Impact Finance Philips Foundation – Impact Finance At various recent sessions and conferences relating to impact investment, I was struck by how many speakers and panelists referred to “scale”: we only invest in scalable projects; scale is a key requirement for us; business models […]

Corporate philanthropy: what do businesses stand to gain?

Stakeholders increasingly expect businesses to be socially engaged whereas owners – shareholders and stockholders – require the highest possible profits. The difficult task of reconciling these expectations falls to CEOs. This article explores corporate philanthropy as a mutually satisfactory approach: how can philanthropy be harnessed in order strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the long term?   The “Philanthropy in CEE […]