The Hague is known as the international city of peace and justice and the city for entrepreneurs who work on innovations to build a better world. As ImpactCity, The Hague actively works on connecting impact makers within the national and international ecosystem to drive innovations for a better world. The collaboration between the EVPA and ImpactCity, as well as the connection between the C Summit and ImpactCity, is a testament of this effort and a great contribution to the network that ImpactCity offers to its entrepreneurs and impact makers.

 Under the mission of “doing good & doing business”, ImpactCity provides support to innovative entrepreneurs in different ways like access to funding, assistance with settling, access to a broad network and a great infrastructure. 

 The local and at the same time unique international network of The Hague connects NGOs, research centers, knowledge institutes, established companies, investors, governments and many young and creative entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, creating an unique and leading impact ecosystem. 

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 If you want to find out what the ImpactCity ecosystem can do for you and how you can contribute to the ImpactCity ecosystem, please contact Irene Samwel (irene.samwel[at]