Complementary impact strategies to provide deeper support to a particular community

  December 3, 2020     10:00 -  11:00  

In order to realise their common vision, the CSIs and the company aim to achieve profound and long-term impact on a particular community. Each vehicle thereby provides complementary support to the final beneficiaries by focusing on different interconnected challenges. The aim of these collectives is to address different underlying root challenges of their vision simultaneously, in order to have maximum impact on particular communities.

Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business is the purpose that aligns ING and its corporate social investors. Therefore, the vehicles naturally pull towards the same social challenges and established a common agenda to provide deeper support to the Dutch people facing financial health issues. While the ING Bank signals clients with starting financial difficulties at a very early stage and refers them to the National Debt Help Route for support, the ING Foundation operates in the social domain. It provides capital and capacity to social purpose organisations that aim to prevent or relief debt. The Debt Help Route adds to the purpose by bringing the ING Bank and ING Foundation together with external stakeholders to build a network for systemic change.

Meet the speakers

Kirsten Ottens ING

Kirsten Ottens

Director, ING Netherlands Foundation

Karoline Heitmann

Corporate Initiative Manager, EVPA