Complementary impact strategies to scale a particular investee or social innovation

  December 3, 2020     10:00 -  11:00  

In order to realise their common vision, the CSIs and the company aim to create scalable social solutions and inclusive business models. By developing a variety of vehicles, CSIs can provide tailored and complementary support to the investee at particular stages of its lifecycle. The aim of these collectives is to provide continuous tailored support from incubation to maturity of the social purpose organisation or social innovation, in order to enable them to have maximum impact on a much larger number of beneficiaries.

Rabobank and its two CSIs collectively support farmer cooperatives. While the Rabo Foundation supports early-stage farmer cooperatives in developing countries by means of low interest credit, the Rabo Rural Fund can provide them with the next step financing during their precommercial phase, before they can become eligible for ‘normal’ financial loans from local partner banks of Rabobank or other local commercial lenders.

Meet the speakers

Pim Mol

Managing Director, Rabo Foundation

Steven Serneels

Chair, EVPA