Moving towards a new era of collaboration in the corporate social investing and philanthropy space

  December 3, 2020     09:00 -  09:45  

Covid-19 continues to pose a major health threat, triggering socio-economic crisis worldwide with unforeseen consequences for our future. This unprecedented situation is an opportunity for the corporate social investing sector to foster innovation and partnerships to reverse the current trends towards a greener, more equitable and sustainable transformation.

Multiple corporate social investors* (CSIs) and their related company can enhance their impact by aligning on a common vision and by establishing complementary impact strategy to a) broaden the scope of social challenges tackled, b) scale a particular social purpose organisation or social innovation, or c) provide deeper support to a particular community

Meet the speakers

António Calçada de Sá

Vice Chairman, Repsol Foundation

Karoline Heitmann

Corporate Initiative Manager, EVPA

Valérie Faillat

Head of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation