Katrien Buys

Director Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability, Ageas

Katrien Buys was born and raised in Belgium, and is a mathematician by education at the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven Belgium). This degree led her to start in the insurance industry where she worked in the Belgian entity of the group during several years.

Triggered by a need of exploring the business world beyond its boundaries, a guiding principle that she keeps valid until today, she set off in 2012 to join the Italian operations and have her first international working experience. After a return to Belgium for two years, leading a strategic transformation program, she took the bigger opportunity of travelling and moving with her family to Portugal.

She is now leading the area of Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability with the aim to anticipate and prepare the future of Grupo Ageas Portugal, supporting the Executive Committee in defining and executing the strategy and creating significant value for all its stakeholders. Katrien Buys is most keen on setting up initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of the business and to the strengthening of the differentiating position of Ageas in the market in Portugal.