Margot Cooijmans

Director, Philips Foundation

Margot Cooijmans joined Royal Philips in December 2016 as the Director of the Philips Foundation.

Trained as a lawyer (Master) and after being a company lawyer for three years in a listed publishing company, Margot started setting up her own businesses and led companies to growth.

Before joining Philips, Margot was an entrepreneur for 23 years. Took courses in finance, marketing and sales. She built up a marketing- and wholesale company in food supplements and sold that once it had matured. Between 1997 and 2007 her consultancy firm Good Company provided board room advice regarding corporate social responsibility and sustainability, societal aspects of supply chain management and on partnerships between with humanitarian organizations and the private sector.

The last 9 years before joining Philips, she was the co-owner of a hotel operating company,. Meanwhile also trained as a real estate broker, she was responsible for the realization and funding of (sustainable)  real estate for her own company’s hotel operations portfolio, in collaboration with Marriott International. This company now has over 200 employees in eight hotels, and is still growing.