María Ángeles León López

Founder and CEO, Open Value Foundation and Global Social Impact

A trained economist with a 20-year track record at Telefónica, María Ángeles is the co-founder of Open Value Foundation, a non-profit with a hybrid model between traditional philanthropy and private capital investment. She is also the creative mind behind Global Social Impact, an Impact Investment Funds Manager designed to offer a more efficient and impactful way to support the most disadvantaged.

She is a strong promoter of the impact ecosystem in Spain, being part of the management team of the Spanish National Advisory Board (NAB) for Impact Investment. María Ángeles is passionate about her work, and enjoys helping others in a context of mutual trust and collaboration. She is driven by the conviction that there are alternative and complementary ways to solve the problems affecting Humanity, and therefore her motto is: “We believe that everyone can achieve their full potential; we just have to open doors of opportunity”.